What our Customers say...

Storm Damage Testimonials

Team from Ohio came and they are life savers!  The team was very professional. Very impressed by the work even after a natural disaster and countless hours of work they stuck with me through the whole process. 

I was woke up by a storm breaking out my front room window. Not knowing what to do I called SERVPRO. They came out and boarded up the window. The following morning they came out and started the clean up process. The entire time the staff was polite, respectful and efficient. 

SERVPRO was called after a tree fell on our house following a storm. They cleaned up the inside, outside and removed any hazardous spots the first day. The following days they worked to removed my porch/deck and overhanging roof. They made sure to keep me informed each step of the way. Thank you SERVPRO of Bowling Green and West Lucas County. 

After a heavy downpour in Delta our sump pump failed and we had standing water in our basement. I called SERVPRO and they started work the next day. I had to take my young daughter to stay with my parents while work was being done. Luckily SERVPRO is staffed with trained professionals and my daughter was able to come home 2 days after it started. 

April showers bring Mays flowers, but it also brought me a wet basement. SERVPRO came out the same day and started the drying process. It tool about 2 days for them to complete the drying and to make it "Like it never even happened."

Over night a massive storm hit with heavy downpour. My basement got wet so I called SERVPRO of Bowling Green and W. Lucas County. I have heard from friends they where quick but I wasn't expecting just how fast they get to you. They came in moved my items, dried and cleaned my basement. They are professional and polite.  

Woke up to my basement flooded after a huge storm that passed through the night before. There was about half of an inch to an inch of standing water when they got there. SERVPRO extracted the water, dried the basement and even cleaned my belongings. Couldn't ask for a more helpful team.  

SERVPRO of Bowling Green and W. Lucas County was there when I needed them. I was installing a new sliding door to the back yard when it started to downpour unexpectedly. I was unprepared and only had towels on hand. Needless to say my family room got a little wet. Called SERVPRO and they came out right away and started work immediately. They dried out my family room and saved the flooring while also being very helpful with tips for in the future. 

SERVPROS crew was amazing! Very satisfied.